About Kandi-STYLE

I'm a regular working girl. (Cubicle nation-stand up). Basically that means-- not in the fashion industry. I work in financial servicing. I go to meetings about meetings, work on projects, and leave work at 5:00pm. I take my job serious, because it's important at least that's what I tell myself. I dress the part, I adhere to the dress code. Um hum, the dress code, but I do it my way. Which means business casual with a bit of Kandi-STYLE strategically placed throughout.
Kandi-STYLE while still dressing within the expectations of my industry.

Here's the rundown:

Name: Kandis

Age: 34

Height/Size: 6'3", size 10/12 in clothes, and a 41B/11 in shoes

Location: North Carolina.

Position: Quality Analyst. Financial Servicing.

About Me: Career-driven, list maker, day dreamer and fashion-minded. Mother of a teenager, treadmill runner, sale aficionado and social media junkie.

If you have any questions or comments, email me @ Kandistyle@yahoo.com

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