Inspired by...Dhalia @ MzFashionCloset

How often does this happen?
Okay, I was perusing one of my favorite blogs MzFashionCloset and and came across a picture of a dress that looked awfully familiar. Then it hit me, it was a vintage dress that I'd purchased from my local thrift store earlier this year!!! Maybe it's just me but I usually don't run across thrift items on other people.

This dress looks so cute on Dhalia, the entire look from the shades to the shoes is just right!

By the way, I'm guessing Dhalia is petite, 'cause this dress is a mini on me, I'm a big girl.

The colors/pattern are slightly different, but it's the same! I purchased this dress and never wore it until I saw Dhalia wearing hers.  When you have the opportunity go check out Dhalia@ "where fashion, beauty & style embrace". Thanks for the inspiration!

Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Shades:Target, Belt:TJ Maxx


  1. Yes she sure does have style but I love how you both worked out the florals with the cool belts. I need that in my wardrobe :-)

  2. the dress looks fierce on you! hope the experience on the bus is going great! you always look so fabulous...i have been:-)inspired by you to dress classy and wear heels at least once a week!

  3. Thanks ladies.
    @ mrs. Pancakes it's going well I guess, I've only taken it one time; but it's great to have the option!

  4. Found your blog from one of your comments on Juanette's this and your joint blog with your daughter. I too love NY&C and from looking thru your posts we have very similar taste!

  5. Thanks, I'm on my way over to yours now!

  6. Love the outfit, especially the shoes!!! you're beautiful :)))

  7. Love this dress and the way you've styled it. The print is just fabulous and you look gorgeous!

  8. I follow her as well & I like her blog. Your outfit is cute!


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