Inspired by...Dhalia @ MzFashionCloset

How often does this happen?
Okay, I was perusing one of my favorite blogs MzFashionCloset and and came across a picture of a dress that looked awfully familiar. Then it hit me, it was a vintage dress that I'd purchased from my local thrift store earlier this year!!! Maybe it's just me but I usually don't run across thrift items on other people.

This dress looks so cute on Dhalia, the entire look from the shades to the shoes is just right!

By the way, I'm guessing Dhalia is petite, 'cause this dress is a mini on me, I'm a big girl.

The colors/pattern are slightly different, but it's the same! I purchased this dress and never wore it until I saw Dhalia wearing hers.  When you have the opportunity go check out Dhalia@ "where fashion, beauty & style embrace". Thanks for the inspiration!

Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Shades:Target, Belt:TJ Maxx

Doin' it with class, 'cause I got a bus pass...

Today will be my first time taking public transportation, other than the school bus of course!  I'm trying to cut back on gas costs, premium ain't no joke! I can't decide if I'm excited or scared, I think it may be a bit of both. :-)

I wanted to look decent never know, lol!  Welp, in case I don't "see" you have a great week!


Fuzzy Florals...

I love floral prints, they remind me of spring time, or as I call it thank goodness winter is over time!!

 These shoes used to be almost the same color as my legs, but I guess I got a tan while I was at the beach last week, lol!
I gots to get myself a new camera *shakes lowered head*, anyway I love Everybody, Everywear I always look forward to it! 

My daughter gets so snap happy, I wasn't ready yet!!
I look forward to seeing as many floral insired outfits as I can stand today!


Printed Dress...

I love Saturday's, they're amazing!  I'm trying to teach my daughter how to drive and that's enough to turn my black hair gray!

We did some shopping, and speaking of shopping while I was at Off Saks I found the cutest black strapless maxi dress.  Now normally I don't even look at maxi's because they are never maxi on me, but this one was actually long enough.  Even in my wedges this dress pooled on the floor.  I was sold--until I looked at the price tag $90.00, which is a bit much to pay for a basic maxi dress.  So I stopped by the fabric store on the way home--we'll see how that goes! :-) 

I love this dress, I got it at JC Penny for a mere $17.00


Suggestions please...

Hey now,

This week has really flown by!  I took off from work today, because I had some errands to run with the 'baby'.  While I was out, I took a look at some camera's because I ...well, I think I would like a new one.  So that brings me to a question, what type of camera's do you all use?  Suggestions (in lieu of my own research) needed please...thanks!