Day Two of Bidding Adieu!

Okay, so it's day two and I'm already rethinking this 30 days of giving. :-) Just kidding, but I had a time deciding what to wear/give this morning.

  Today's item is this skirt.

It's a nice skirt, a wardrobe staple--which should explain why I have two.  NY&Co was having one of those buy one get one half off deals.  So I took that opportunity to get two--in different sizes of course!  I totally don't need two...soooo one needs to go.  I guess this means I'll be keeping the bigger size just in case! 
Deuces black pencil skirt from NY&Co, it's been real!


  1. the belt and the bag are to die for...i love the entire outift but those two pieces make the outfit!

  2. Kandi this is really cute! I'm supposed to be doing the 30 day challenge as well, but I am behind the curve..smh @ me!

  3. oh my ! great combinations and that green bag! *im sooo jealous*!!

  4. Your bag and belt a awesome, a perfect punch of color to your outfit! Looks fab!

  5. Thanks @Natalie Lord, @Katie and @Tiq!


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