They like me, they really like me....!

I'm so dramatic right! 

Thank you Classy Career Girl for giving me my very first stylish blogger award!

So, part of winning this award is linking back to the person who gave me the award, sharing 7 things about myself, paying it forward to recently discovered bloggers, and sharing the news with them.  So my 7 things will be very random, because I am...a bit random!
1.  I'm a vegetarian
2.  I 've had lasik eye surgery more than once (they keep reverting!)
3.  I sleep in a waist trimmer like this; don't judge me!! LOL
3.  I'm taking a sewing class
4.  I've been natural (my hair) for 2 years
5.  I have an aversion to any type of white sauce (yuk) i.e. mayo,ranch dressing
6.  I don't shop without coupons or coupon codes
7.  I own less than 10 pair of!
Now to pass it on...
Here are some bloggers that I enjoy following
-in no particular order-
Dhalia over @ mzfashioncloset
Lexy over @ Beautyfash
Kimmie over @ thekimmiechronicles
Jessica over @ A Lady and her Gabi
Patricia over @ Patricia-Passion
Nike O over @ Style Circuit
Lalah (my baby who is currently on punishment) over @ Hoops and Hi-Tops
Bajan Beauty over @ Nobodies Princess
I really like these blogs, and I hope you will too! 
*I know I cut the list short, but it's almost 4am; I literally have my eye lids propped open with tooth picks.  Okay, not literally! :-)

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  1. First of all, thank you again! And I like the new look of the blog!

    I hate eating anything that's mushy...okra's, oatmeal, I got a sewing machine last Christmas...a really nice one and haven't made a dang thing on it yet, lol.

  2. awww..thanks for the blogger award..thanks for reading and supporting my blog. I like yours too Kandi!

  3. Waaaaaah a Waaaaah <<<< That's me hollering...Out of joy of course! Thanks lady for the honor. I love your blog as well. I am going to do the post as well on myblog when I get a chance! Thanks again so much!


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