Yes ma'am..rain, sleet, hail, snow!

This morning I woke up to a sheet of ice covered with a sprinkle of snow! I drove like 10 mph all the way to work.  This cold front is killin' me.  I live in the south for a reason, this is unnatural!
I haven't worn these boots in a minute, I love them they're very comfortable but they make my feet look huge!  I went to Target last night to pick up a gift card for my 'Secret Santa' recipient and got this entire outfit. Yep, shirt-sweater and skirt! I think I was the only person at work with a skirt on today. Yes ma'am rain, sleet, hail, snow!

Shirt, skirt, sweater-Target, belt-JC Penny, tights-Spanx, boots- Nine West
Bracelet-Dillard's, Watch-Bulova, earrings- Claire's


  1. must be icy cold there!!! Love what you are wearing Kandi !!

    So how's Christmas preparation?

  2. Ice! Yipes! At least you look great. And I tell you, I cannot leave Target without buying at least three things that were not on my list. That store gets me every time.


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