Inspiration Anyone...?

Hi Ladies
I am soooo ready for the new year!!!!  I spent sometime today working on my inspiration boards for 2011.  I have three-- one for style, one for work and one for home/family.  I only made it through the one for style today.  Take a look...

 Do any of you do this?

It's still a work in progress.  I don't like any blank space so I'll add a few more things over the next few days!

What inspires you?


  1. im inspired definitely to start something new..i like the board idea. I am definitely subscribing to Oprah's magazine. She inspires me! I always knew it but today i had to admit it when i was reading her starting her OWN! That's insane!

  2. My daughter has done something like this...only to one side of her wall in her bedroom.

    I have a sketch book full of what inspires me.


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