"Lazy" Friday...

Happy beginning of the holiday season to everyone!  Just as the title suggests I  was lazy and did not go out shopping on Black Friday!! The direct result of way too much food. *shakes fist in the air* So I decided to shop from the comfort of my couch in my PJ's.  Here's the rundown:

I purchased two pair of shoes from Nine West  (amazing deals on both):
Belltown...and theseLove
Now we know I love me some me some leopard print, but I've never owned burgundy shoes before.  The possibilities...
I also purchased these boots.  They're supposed to be over the knee, but I have a feeling they'll only be knee high on me.  That's fine though.

Last but not least, I was able to get something I've had my eye on for almost a year...
 *sorry about the tiny picture*
It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Bow Chain' ruffle detail blue streak dress.  I've wanted this dress since forever...or at least June 2010! It finally went on sale, yay, and I got it.  Hope it fits.
I hope you all got some good deals, I look forward to reading about them!

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