Purging feels good

1 U-haul truck and 26 heavy duty garbage bags later, my closet is stripped down to bare minimums.

3 skirt suits
5 pencil skirts black and gray
10 oxford shirts black, white, striped,purple(?)
2 pair of black pants
1 pair of grey pants
3 patterned skirts hounds-tooth, lattice, chevron(?)
5 cardigans orange, blue (both striped) brown, black and white
2 wrap dresses
2 sheath dresses pink, black
1 wool blazer
5 trench coats 2 khaki,yellow(?),green(?),black
1 capelet(?)
1 leather Jacket
1 tweed coat
2 wool coats brown, black plaid
6 pair of jeans
42 pair of Nine West shoes (all heels except 2)
3 pair of Nike (trainers)
4 pair of All Stars
1 pair of Timberlands
1 pair of Jordans' ( I know that falls under Nike, but I just feel like it should be separate.
8 pair of Spanx black, grey, fishnet
3 Dr Rey Shapers
10 purses
7 V Neck Tshirts black,white and Gray

The Cleanse felt really good!

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