If you squint your eyes hard, it looks just like a Birkin!

Lol, seriously anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Hermes, and I want a Birkin bag soooo bad. They also know that I am extremely tight with money because i want to retire/start my own business soon and unless my lottery number (if i played lotto)hits, I would/could never afford such a thing. So I got the next best thing, in my opinion...

...isn't she cute. This little (not really) Michael Kors number is called Hamilton and she fits me like a dream! Not quite as heavy as you assume, but heavy enough and at $298.00 (Christmas gift) I won't have buyers remorse. Whadya think?


  1. it is a nice bag...I love Birkin and Hermes too but my pocket book ain't buying it! lol

  2. very cute- i saw a "mock-off' on amazon for about $50. I was soooo tempted!! lol- I might have to do more research on this Michael Kors.


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