Diddy Does A Vogue Good!!!

Diddy continues to channel his Last Train to Paris vibe ( still gotta get that record) in the latest issue of Vogue. He and Russian model Natalie Vodianova look awefully sexy in a shoot entitled “A Brief Encounter” shot by Annie Leibowitz.

Check it…

My favorite shot, he looks so gangsta!

Just like in the movies....

Aren't ya glad???????

Aren't you glad Joan Rivers is going to be back on the red carpet where she belongs??? I'm lovin' 2010 more and more everyday.

If you squint your eyes hard, it looks just like a Birkin!

Lol, seriously anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Hermes, and I want a Birkin bag soooo bad. They also know that I am extremely tight with money because i want to retire/start my own business soon and unless my lottery number (if i played lotto)hits, I would/could never afford such a thing. So I got the next best thing, in my opinion...

...isn't she cute. This little (not really) Michael Kors number is called Hamilton and she fits me like a dream! Not quite as heavy as you assume, but heavy enough and at $298.00 (Christmas gift) I won't have buyers remorse. Whadya think?