"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Weight Watchers and Kate Moss

I should've thought of this whilest I ate 2 ice cream sandwiches,a cookie and a bag of Doritos. I'll try again tomorrow, we'll talk!


Book Review*****

Fat Free Vegetarian by Anne Sheasby.

Purchased at Ross, November 14, 2009.

***** 5 out of 5 stars!

Over 180 delicious easy-to-make low fat and no-fat recipes for healthy meat-free meals.

This book not only has easy to follow recipes, it also breaks down vegetarian basics and things us "new vegetarians" need to know. It describes a HEALTHY vegetarian diet, it gives low fat variations of classic sauces,the fat and calorie contents of darn near every veggie,fruit,nut,bean,rice,pasta,grain,fat,oil and egg you can think of! From breakfast to desert, we'll talk!

Highly Recommended

*PS, I made a Lentil Soup today that was to die for.....

**Sorry about the crappy pic..was unable to locate online, this is the handy work of my webcam :-(


Pride MANIA Inspired by yepanotherone's Vanity Insanity

Okay this is the time of year when I start to think about what I'll try to do better next year aka NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS/GOALS *thinks this may have something to do with seeing relatives for the holidays and hearing "Are you gaining back that weight you lost?" more than anything else* In a previous post I blogged about going to work looking dreadful and how I won't do that anymore, and I've been trying but I can't say that I've been one hundred percent successful with that. My weight just does whatever it wants to and gosh dangit I'm going to clean out that basement this year! So I made myself a list of goals because I need to take more pride in myself (exercise) aesthetically (the way I dress because when you know better, you should do better) my house (the dishes will be removed from the dishwasher before I need to use them)! So here is the list Pride Mania 2010:

1. Get back on track with completing my degree
This means taking a full course load!!

2. Continue with healthy lifestyle changes
Maintain goal weight of 160-170 (that's healthy for me 6'3")

3. Schedule and keep all Doctors appointments

4. Grow out my hair
Full BSL (bra strap length) and possibly MBL (mid-back)

5. Make and keep in contact with all immediate relatives
6. Get my house in order and keep it in order

7. Spend less and Save more (enough said)

8. Personal commitment to make myself more marketable.
Actually, the ETA for this one is 2010-ongoing
9. Make the decision once and for move up w/my career or strike out on my own(start up, baby)
***update (12/28/09) Try (lol) and be more social both in and out of work! {this will be a challenge)

*I'll probably add to this through out the rest of the year, We'll Talk!


I wonder.......

I wonder if I can get the DH to wear matching outfits with me this weekend? Such a throwback to eighth grade!
( I love Jordan's)

(I love grey anything)


This Look is soooo me...

This is totally my style I'm going to call this 'Urban-Classical-Preppy', yep I just made that up! I'm gonna "snuggle-up" to this look (get as close to as possible)mkay....We'll Talk!

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen.....

Image from

Everytime I see these I think WOW.....nice to look at, would love to try them on, but that's as far as it goes. Gotta love that Alexander McQueen, We'll Talk!


*** Board Update*** Just started updating my 2009-2010 board...

This board is one of three...I have a style board (shown here), a work board, and a home board....I'll get to those later...

Katherine Heigl (love her classic clean look)

Louboutins' (I love this shoe, but any LouBou will do..)

Reese Witherspoon (Cool Casual,Reese)

Jessica "google-me" White (That figure OMG)

Women of the Yao ethnic group in the Chinese city of Gullin (some have hair as long as 8 feet!)....i plan on being atleast MBL (mid back length) by EOY.

Tammy Mendel and Zani Suttle from Lucky Magazine (Feb 2008)One Piece four ways (I think....don't quote me on that *wink.

Tracyee Ellis Ross (Anything this girl puts on is to die for....)

Visualisation people, We'll Talk!