*** Board Update*** Just started updating my 2009-2010 board...

This board is one of three...I have a style board (shown here), a work board, and a home board....I'll get to those later...

Katherine Heigl (love her classic clean look)

Louboutins' (I love this shoe, but any LouBou will do..)

Reese Witherspoon (Cool Casual,Reese)

Jessica "google-me" White (That figure OMG)

Women of the Yao ethnic group in the Chinese city of Gullin (some have hair as long as 8 feet!)....i plan on being atleast MBL (mid back length) by EOY.

Tammy Mendel and Zani Suttle from Lucky Magazine (Feb 2008)One Piece four ways (I think....don't quote me on that *wink.

Tracyee Ellis Ross (Anything this girl puts on is to die for....)

Visualisation people, We'll Talk!

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