Pride MANIA Inspired by yepanotherone's Vanity Insanity

Okay this is the time of year when I start to think about what I'll try to do better next year aka NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS/GOALS *thinks this may have something to do with seeing relatives for the holidays and hearing "Are you gaining back that weight you lost?" more than anything else* In a previous post I blogged about going to work looking dreadful and how I won't do that anymore, and I've been trying but I can't say that I've been one hundred percent successful with that. My weight just does whatever it wants to and gosh dangit I'm going to clean out that basement this year! So I made myself a list of goals because I need to take more pride in myself (exercise) aesthetically (the way I dress because when you know better, you should do better) my house (the dishes will be removed from the dishwasher before I need to use them)! So here is the list Pride Mania 2010:

1. Get back on track with completing my degree
This means taking a full course load!!

2. Continue with healthy lifestyle changes
Maintain goal weight of 160-170 (that's healthy for me 6'3")

3. Schedule and keep all Doctors appointments

4. Grow out my hair
Full BSL (bra strap length) and possibly MBL (mid-back)

5. Make and keep in contact with all immediate relatives
6. Get my house in order and keep it in order

7. Spend less and Save more (enough said)

8. Personal commitment to make myself more marketable.
Actually, the ETA for this one is 2010-ongoing
9. Make the decision once and for all....to move up w/my career or strike out on my own(start up, baby)
***update (12/28/09) Try (lol) and be more social both in and out of work! {this will be a challenge)

*I'll probably add to this through out the rest of the year, We'll Talk!

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