Come on People OWN it!

Okay, so today is my BIG day, not only is it my birthday (the big 32) but this morning I decided to start blogging. So while I’m attempting to (very awkwardly by the way) introduce myself to the web log world I get an email about blog action day. I think to myself, blog action day, what’s that about! Humph, so I see, bloggers from all over the world posting about the same issue on the same day to spark discussion about an issue of global importance. Now I’m thinking to myself I can almost bet the discussion is not about fashion, I mean it’s important to me but……I digress. Okay the topic is Climate Change. Well at least it’s something I’ve heard of….I think. I believe it means a long term shift in the weather (not good) and apparently if we don’t take drastic steps to rectify this situation our future generations are gonna have problems! We can all pitch in and do our part, things like driving less, meatless Wednesdays (or all week, like me), eat local (farmers market), plant trees, inflate your tires, teleconference instead of work related travel, recycle and use recycled products and last, but certainly not least….turn off the dag on light when you leave the room (or even while you’re in the room during the day)! Here at IownKandiSTYLE I like to encourage people to own their style (especially vintage and thrift) and I want to encourage people to take personal responsibility and OWN their part in making sure our planet is still around for future generations.


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