New Jeans.....

Yay, I got some new jeans today and I'm so excited! I love jeans but I have a hard time finding any because I'm 6'3" (that's a 38"inseam), EXACTLY! I love being tall, but sometimes.....So needless to say that I don't own a ton of jeans. This particular pair I got from and they are D&G. They are an Italian size 44 (I'm praying that's a 8/10, because I'm not sure about the conversion)They were on sale (free shipping) for a meesley *picture my sarcastic eye roll* $138.00. They have a 36" inseam, but they have extra fabric, about four extra inches in the hem. So once I let that out 40" so I can wear them with heels! Woo-hoo! I'll post pics (of me in them) when I get home. We'll Talk!


this is a really big logo...


The Count Down is on (SATC)

I don't know how excited I am about the goings on of a teenager *this book is about Carrie's life as a teen* but I am soooo ready for the Sex and the City movie! I can't wait, We'll Talk!


I got your SAMPLE SIZE!

Every year magazine’s come out with their version of “The Size Issue” with some “curvy” (and I’m being VERY liberal with the term curvy) celebrity like Beyonce or Penelope Cruz gracing the cover. While I always enjoy this topic, I personally look forward to the tall person (as I am one), so I am very excited about V magazine’s first installment of the New Year dubbed “The Size Issue.”

This issue feature’s two models, super (plus-sized) model Crystal Renn,23, and traditionally slim Jacquelyn Jablonski,17, to show the world that fashion, when done correctly, can be flattering on everyone.

This feature was shot by noted fashion photographer (why do I sound like Tyra in my head) Terry Richardson. The models were clad in Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna.

Kudos to both girls as they work it! We’ll Talk…..


Look @ Naomi still doin' it....

39-year old London born supermodel Naomi Campbell,famous for the baddest catwalk ever,was just named one of the 25 most powerful figures in the fashion industry, by The British Fashion Council press committee. The Power List also showed love to makeup artist Pat Mcgrath and designer Alexander McQueen. Kudos Naomi!
Image courtesy of yvymag


*****Breaking News********

Oh my....Zac Posen is designing a line for Target, April 25-May 30,2010! I can't friggin' wait!

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"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Weight Watchers and Kate Moss

I should've thought of this whilest I ate 2 ice cream sandwiches,a cookie and a bag of Doritos. I'll try again tomorrow, we'll talk!


Book Review*****

Fat Free Vegetarian by Anne Sheasby.

Purchased at Ross, November 14, 2009.

***** 5 out of 5 stars!

Over 180 delicious easy-to-make low fat and no-fat recipes for healthy meat-free meals.

This book not only has easy to follow recipes, it also breaks down vegetarian basics and things us "new vegetarians" need to know. It describes a HEALTHY vegetarian diet, it gives low fat variations of classic sauces,the fat and calorie contents of darn near every veggie,fruit,nut,bean,rice,pasta,grain,fat,oil and egg you can think of! From breakfast to desert, we'll talk!

Highly Recommended

*PS, I made a Lentil Soup today that was to die for.....

**Sorry about the crappy pic..was unable to locate online, this is the handy work of my webcam :-(


Pride MANIA Inspired by yepanotherone's Vanity Insanity

Okay this is the time of year when I start to think about what I'll try to do better next year aka NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS/GOALS *thinks this may have something to do with seeing relatives for the holidays and hearing "Are you gaining back that weight you lost?" more than anything else* In a previous post I blogged about going to work looking dreadful and how I won't do that anymore, and I've been trying but I can't say that I've been one hundred percent successful with that. My weight just does whatever it wants to and gosh dangit I'm going to clean out that basement this year! So I made myself a list of goals because I need to take more pride in myself (exercise) aesthetically (the way I dress because when you know better, you should do better) my house (the dishes will be removed from the dishwasher before I need to use them)! So here is the list Pride Mania 2010:

1. Get back on track with completing my degree
This means taking a full course load!!

2. Continue with healthy lifestyle changes
Maintain goal weight of 160-170 (that's healthy for me 6'3")

3. Schedule and keep all Doctors appointments

4. Grow out my hair
Full BSL (bra strap length) and possibly MBL (mid-back)

5. Make and keep in contact with all immediate relatives
6. Get my house in order and keep it in order

7. Spend less and Save more (enough said)

8. Personal commitment to make myself more marketable.
Actually, the ETA for this one is 2010-ongoing
9. Make the decision once and for move up w/my career or strike out on my own(start up, baby)
***update (12/28/09) Try (lol) and be more social both in and out of work! {this will be a challenge)

*I'll probably add to this through out the rest of the year, We'll Talk!


I wonder.......

I wonder if I can get the DH to wear matching outfits with me this weekend? Such a throwback to eighth grade!
( I love Jordan's)

(I love grey anything)


This Look is soooo me...

This is totally my style I'm going to call this 'Urban-Classical-Preppy', yep I just made that up! I'm gonna "snuggle-up" to this look (get as close to as possible)mkay....We'll Talk!

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen.....

Image from

Everytime I see these I think WOW.....nice to look at, would love to try them on, but that's as far as it goes. Gotta love that Alexander McQueen, We'll Talk!


*** Board Update*** Just started updating my 2009-2010 board...

This board is one of three...I have a style board (shown here), a work board, and a home board....I'll get to those later...

Katherine Heigl (love her classic clean look)

Louboutins' (I love this shoe, but any LouBou will do..)

Reese Witherspoon (Cool Casual,Reese)

Jessica "google-me" White (That figure OMG)

Women of the Yao ethnic group in the Chinese city of Gullin (some have hair as long as 8 feet!)....i plan on being atleast MBL (mid back length) by EOY.

Tammy Mendel and Zani Suttle from Lucky Magazine (Feb 2008)One Piece four ways (I think....don't quote me on that *wink.

Tracyee Ellis Ross (Anything this girl puts on is to die for....)

Visualisation people, We'll Talk!


Question of the day........

Why do I feel so guilty for liking Chris Brown's new song? Just asking, We'll Talk!


"An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance"- Peter's Placebo

I have a confession...I went to work today looking a mess! Subsequently, my day turned out to be a mess....The weather was terrible, rainy and cold (like that had anything to do with my outfit)and I got nothing done! I wore gold ballet flats (nine west), blue sailor pants (NY&Co), a sheer leopard print top(Banana Republic) and a brown cardigan(J.Crew)...I would've taken a pic but I didn't want to be associated with this look, lol so I didn't. Do you think that the way you dress lends itself to your performance at work? If you look good you get a confidence boost (so I've heard)and according to Deon Sanders If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you play good, and if you play good they pay good! So on that note I'ma do better tomorrow...Inspiration Anyone? WE'LL TALK!

Image from NSC Fashion Network


I'm in LOVE!

Buh-Bye to my tuition reimbursement check!

Wow, I love these shoes....I'd be 6'9" in these shoes as they do have a 5 1/8" heel. I am REALLY considering purchasing these, they would look great with so many of the things I own. I work in the banking/financial industry so I'm not sure if I can make these happen on casual Friday; but I would definitely try it!

Christian Louboutin
Lace Bootie
Price: $1,785.00

Image © 2009,


Body and Hair-spiration!

Kenya Moore....'nuff said!

That hair, I'm barely APL (hair that stops at my arm pit)

That figure, mine is a WIP (work in progress)

....and one day it will all be mine (picture me laughing like an evil scientist)

With that said.......I'm off to the gym, We'll talk!

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Come on People OWN it!

Okay, so today is my BIG day, not only is it my birthday (the big 32) but this morning I decided to start blogging. So while I’m attempting to (very awkwardly by the way) introduce myself to the web log world I get an email about blog action day. I think to myself, blog action day, what’s that about! Humph, so I see, bloggers from all over the world posting about the same issue on the same day to spark discussion about an issue of global importance. Now I’m thinking to myself I can almost bet the discussion is not about fashion, I mean it’s important to me but……I digress. Okay the topic is Climate Change. Well at least it’s something I’ve heard of….I think. I believe it means a long term shift in the weather (not good) and apparently if we don’t take drastic steps to rectify this situation our future generations are gonna have problems! We can all pitch in and do our part, things like driving less, meatless Wednesdays (or all week, like me), eat local (farmers market), plant trees, inflate your tires, teleconference instead of work related travel, recycle and use recycled products and last, but certainly not least….turn off the dag on light when you leave the room (or even while you’re in the room during the day)! Here at IownKandiSTYLE I like to encourage people to own their style (especially vintage and thrift) and I want to encourage people to take personal responsibility and OWN their part in making sure our planet is still around for future generations.


The Intro

********Blog Update 2/18/2010....We are no longer called IownKandiSTYLE! BKA Kandi-STYLE's point of view*******

Hello everyone it’s me……… KandiSTYLE! Welcome to the IownKandiSTYLE blog! I call this blog IownKandiSTYLE because in a nutshell that’s just what it is. It’s my style (like it or not) and I own it (like it or not). I’m a southern girl with a southern aesthetic…notice I did not say country that was very intentional! I will explore topics other than clothes/fashion; which include but are not limited to: Finances (I work hard for my money), Fitness, hair care, book reviews, food, and home d├ęcor (I love this stuff)! We’ll talk!